Wall Mounted
Wall-mounted air-conditioners.

Ceiling Concealed
Low-static duct type.

Ceiling & Floor Suspended
Ceiling & Floor Suspended air-conditioners.

Ceiling Cassette Type
The four way cassette air conditioner

Single Throw
One-way ceiling concealed unit.

Floor Standing
Our range of Floor Standing air-conditioners.

Water Heater Heatpump
The most efficient way to heat up water as of today.

Double Skin AHU
Double Skin Air Handling Units for better climate

Condensing (small)
Our range of outdoor condensing units.

ACP (Roof top)
Our range of the smallest to the biggest Roof Top Units.

Panel Air
Panel air for machinery cooling needs.

Our chillers are tailor-made to fit all needs.

Package Air Cooled Mini Chiller
A small cooler for cooling machines suitable for mold


AAH Series
-Strong Design
-Longlife rifled copper tube and aluminum slit fin

Variable Refrigerant Flow System.

Duct Type
Duct type with airflow designed to handle medium static

Evaporative Air Cooler
Air cooler machine for industrial