Water Heater Heatpump

( BWHP 12Kw to 35Kw )

Did you know that heating water is one of the most energy consuming activities that humans do? Therefore we have innovated the water heater heatpump which uses only 1/4 of the power to heat the same amount of hot water when compared to traditional water heaters.

Water heaters, energy saving, the hotel’s energy-saving, space-saving installation. A water temperature up to 60 °C Environmentally friendly

  • Heating Capacity 35-72 KW

  • Max Hot Water Temp 60°C

  • Hermetic Scroll Compressor

  • Refrigerant Type: R-4104 a

  • Tube&Tube Heat Exchanger Type for 35-65 KW

  • Shell&Tube Heat Exchanger Type for 72 KW

  • Power Input: 380 V/3 Ph/50 Hz

*Connect BWHP-35 up to 5 units for 175Kw (30,500 L of hot water /hour)